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  • Sat 7th Oct 2017 - 12:39pm

    This picture is looking so stunning and I fell in love with this image. The complete environment is set up according to the gaming event and I did not believe this picture because it is so beautiful but website provides good work of art. This is pure gaming event.

  • Sat 18th Nov 2017 - 6:46pm

    There are very few gaming arenas in the world which give as much thrill as this one here. The edubirdie review mentioned how so many professional gamers have learned and grown from this very place.

  • Wed 21st Feb 2018 - 9:16am

    So good to see all the players getting ready for the big event. It would have been better if you could have added details regarding the event and the game you are playing. I am a great fan of these sorts of events like to see more photos regarding the event. medical supplies

  • Fri 16th Mar 2018 - 7:00am

    Wow.. That is one impressive gaming arena. To provide such great platform for gamers is a huge deal. Theres enough space which is mostly the major concern is most of the gaming arenas. Great work and i would love to visit sometime. Trinity Builders Ernakulam

  • Mon 19th Mar 2018 - 1:57am

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