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Konstantin Tilev


Hi I am Konstantin "FearLordBG" and I am very happy to be representing Shadow Stalkers Gaming as a Hearthstone player. I am playing Hearthstone seriously for one and a half years, currently I am living in Sofia, Bulgaria and I am 18 years old. The things that I want to achieve here are to win a big tournament, to increase the followers of SSE gaming and hopefully to qualify to Hearthstone Championship Summer or Last Call. About my style in Hearthstone, I love secured and slow decks, which means that I am a control player. I like to think over every turn in my games and for my cards in my decks as well. As the new meta was released and pirate warrior began to fade, my top 3 decks are Mage, Rogue and Paladin, of course I like to play with the new Silence Priest or with the Quest Warrior, but I think these 3 decks are tier 1. I have won online tournaments, which is a pretty tough thing, because only making it to finals is about 6-7 hours gameplay. I will do my best for SSE!