CS:GO Norway

CS:GO Norway

    Sander Eng

    Why is your Nick SxndeR? Answer: well im not creative when i comes to choosing a nickname. When did u start playing cs?  Answer: late 2014. What is your role on the team? Answer: Support. Why do you have a interest in cs? Answer: i enjoy competetive games and find cs very hard to abandon so i decided to try and take the game serious. who your is role model in csgo? answer: Rain. Do you believe in this roster?  Answer: yeah i actually think we are going to do well....Read More

  • Outlaw_C

    christer bakken

    First time i played cs was in 2009 and the game was css. I bought csgo in 2013 but didnt start to play it full time before 2015.  :D Roles: Awper, Rifler....Read More

  • m3r0

    Oliver Olsen

    Started playing CS:GO in late 2014, started to play competetively as an entry fragger in the final quarter of 2017....Read More


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    06 Jan 2018